Friday, July 4, 2014

Working on the 4th of July

  Hi and Happy 4th of July to everyone. I hope your day is going great. I have spent my day relaxing over my doll work. Lots of people read, or do various hobbies, but making the dolls is very enjoyable and calming for me, so it is natural that given the opportunity, I would choose to spend my day this way, however, tonight I will get rewarded with a good supper on the grill. Here are a few pictures of dolls in the works that are close to being finished, some finished and some with still along way to go. I took a picture of my 2nd pair of Alabama babies, even though they are far from finished, because you can see a lot of form and detail. The black one is hard to visualize finished, but I think she will be super cute. I have already made their matching outfits to the 1st pair that I made. The rag doll is finished and drying. I have picked out some pieces of pretty homespun and nice fabric for unders for her, which will be made into a beautiful dress by a sweet friend. The Izannah doll is my Trouble doll, which I  have corrected.  I had to carve her eye down and build up her right cheek and then re stockinet. Now she has a new paint job. I think she is pretty and will be outfitted in Civil War reproduction blue calico which I bought from Silent Stitches.  She will have black boots with red scalloped tops. Work is going along steadily and peacefully. To all those folks headed to the UFDC Convention, I hope you will have great success and super fun, and a little rest from all your hard work getting ready to go. I will certainly be thinking of you all and hoping to hear some of the outcome of the convention.


  1. A sweet set of dollies. The Izannah has such a soulful expression as though she's deep in thought. The little rag is especially cute. I have been sewing today too. I finished Aletha's apron, made a hankie and stitched some socks. Shoes will wait until I find some soft leather. That's a trip to the big city of Springfield, not my favorite place to go. Happy 4th to you too.

  2. Is it work or is it play? That's what I think when I am "working" on a doll. Some of both, don't you think? It seems your work has been coming along nicely, holiday or not, for these Martha dolls are very nice. The Izzie is one of your best, for sure. And, the Alabama Babies are just down right gorgeous. How I love Martha dolls!

  3. I love them all--each is unique, but there is an element of Martha that runs through them. Your painting always amazes me. Glad you had a relaxing day, whether it's work or play or a little of both!