Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Making Primitive Rag Dolls

In the last month I have turned away from my Izannah's somewhat, to make some primitive rag dolls, a lot of this is because they are easy to make and mama can work on them too. She is enjoying time with her sister and going to Florida for a few days, and so am I. We will go to Pensacola, Fla to see my brother and then on to pick up mama in Apalatchacola, Fla. These rag dolls are a little different. We have been experimenting with color, different noses, and putting in seed teeth. They look just a little scary at first, but they grow on you pretty quick. I think when I get the whites of the eyes put in and some fine dresses and bonnets on they will be cute. The summer is moving along pretty fast, but the doll work is going good. Lots of big Izannah's to come out in the next few months. We are making 27 of the tiny 8 inch dolls,

 this will take up lots of time, and be interesting to see the difference in so many little faces.


  1. Love these prim dollies. Sounds as though you are going to be very busy!!
    Have fun on you trip.

  2. Yay--Martha's Rag Babies! I love your rag dolls. Sounds like your mom is having a wonderful and much-deserved time. Hugs to you!

  3. Dressing these prim dollies is going to be lots of fun. No doubt, your mom is enjoying her employment at Martha's Dolls. I am sure a little vacation is way past due.