Sunday, November 3, 2013

Jerusha and some little friends

My husband and I were taking our little dogs for a walk, and lots of times we go to the old cemetery because it is quiet and I like to look at the names and dates of families there. On one trip, I noticed a grave stone of a woman who was born in 1839 and died in 1889. Her name was Jerusha. How different, unusual and pretty, so I decided to name by new doll after her. Mostly finished, with, as usual,  some flaw, I always seem to make a mistake somewhere that causes the doll not to be perfectly correct, but I guess that is o:k. I made her just a titch short, ( only just a titch ), not something you would see, maybe never see or realize, but, it's her little oddity, anyway, here she is. Perhaps, she will need a tweek or two to finally finish her. I decided a pretty good while ago, not to finish the dolls to death, rather to let them have their blemishes, small crooked places, little flaws, and what ever child like touches in paint or in their clothes that comes naturally to me. Along side Jerusha, I included some little friends I have been working on. they have no names as yet, but I will be thinking and looking for a suitable name for each one. they are sweet little babies and are getting pretty dresses. I'll post all of them dressed as soon as I finish. I am sure they will

 want to show off a little for you.


  1. Oh there they are! I love them all...the hair on this last one is magnificent.

  2. As always your dollies are lovely. I agree with Jan, the hair on the last one is awesome!

  3. I do love these little ones. I started out with larger dolls but have scaled way down these days. I am impressed with your mold making and the pressed cloth heads.