Friday, November 15, 2013

Little Dolly's all done up.

Three little dolls finished and ready to go out into the world. I feel as though I have been working on these forever and then some. I finished another one too, but she didn't get in the photo shoot, because I messed up her shoes. She will get her chance to shine later on. I sure like the little ones, but so much work on them, and hard on the eyes. Well, time to change directions for a spell, and make some rag dolls. We are working on some painted face rag dolls, that I like a lot. they are easy going and I can change up their dresses some. I bought a book. American cloth dolls  which has lots of beautiful pictures and different dresses for rag dolls. I will try to make some of these. I'll have to kick start my brain again to get a new pattern for the high collar dresses. have fun everybody with your dolls, it's the most fun to do and I do learn something new with each new batch.


  1. They're beautiful, Martha. Each is so sweetly individual. What are their sizes? I do know what you mean about the small ones taking so much more out of you--the detail is hard work!

  2. I forgot to add: YAY about the rag dolls! Can't wait to see them--you always have a "Martha Factor" in your dolls, no matter what medium you work in.

  3. Your little dollies are so sweet. I also enjoyed your posts on distressing and antiquing your dolls too. Very interesting process you go through to make these lovely dolls. Can't wait to see your rag dolls!